About Me

My name is Jed Court and I am a 23-year-old British sports journalist from Canterbury and currently based in Paris. I studied Sports Journalism at Staffordshire University and graduated with a 2:1 in 2014. I have been working in the French capital since, on both a freelance basis and on short-term contracts at Eurosport and Agence France Presse.

I joined the Eurosport commentary team as an intern in June 2014, and then worked on a 10-month contract before switching to freelance work. At Eurosport I wrote and read the daily news bulletins on the 24-hour news channel, as well as for the three-minute bulletins broadcast on the main Eurosport channels. I also did some live commentary on German and Polish football.

In 2015 I worked for seven months on the AFP English sports desk in Paris. This helped me hone my writing and sub-editing skills while working for a renowned global news agency. I also covered golf's 2016 French Open.

I wanted to be a sports commentator from a very young age, even commentating on primary school matches into a casette recorder... The less said about that the better. I've gained experience in this field while working for Ma Chaine Sport as a freelancer. I commentated on various sporting events for MCS, from French and Portuguese football to basketball, volleyball and handball.

While at uni I had experience working at The Guardian, The Non-League Paper and Signal Radio Stoke and had work published in various local newspapers across the United Kingdom. I also ran the blog A Sporting Insight for nearly two years between 2011-2013 with more than 80,000 pageviews.

Football, cricket and golf are ever-present in my day-to-day life, and I hold considered interests in tennis, rugby union, snooker, athletics and darts.

Many more examples of my work than are shown on this page can be requested by contacting me.

E-mail: jedgore@hotmail.com | Twitter: @jedgore